NKX is focused on conveying excellent inventive components that will enhance your ride. Here we will help you through the process of claiming a warranty if the unexpected happens.

Warrenty Process

In cases where you are the first (and original) owner and the item was bought within the most recent two years, follow the instructions beneath to submit your item for guarantee assessment.

  • Stage 1: Take the receipt and your NKX item to the dealer from whom you bought the item.

On the off chance that your point of purchase isn’t accessible, please contact another seller for help.

  • Stage 2: The seller will do basic assessment of the item.

A few issues that appear to be under warranty might require routine service, fix, or repair. 

  • Stage 3: The seller will contact our closest Service Center, where prepared professionals will provide promt troubleshooting and regional warranty assistace.

Much of the time, your item will be shipped to the closest Service Center for assessment or service.

  • Stage 4: The NKX Service Center will advise your seller about the approval or denial of the warranty claim.

If you have questions about the evaluation process, your dealer can contact the Service Center for your warranty claim’s status. Our Service Centers strive to handle all claims as quickly as possible.

Kindly note that the guarantee interaction might change marginally by area.

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