“Skaters for Life”

Skateboards aren’t just a wooden deck with wheels, it’s a passion! NKX got a massive selection of skateboards, longboards, mini-cruisers and surfskates to suit all types of riders and riding styles. The design team at NKX every skateboard, to ensure the performance is top-notch, and to further improve upon materials used, the cutouts and every other little detail found on an NKX skateboard. NKX is known throughout all of Europe for their spectacular designs and their skateboards high quality.

About NKX Skateboards

We started as NKD Sports in 2004, with our main goal to achieve high performance products, that’s also affordable. We began to sell our products to all countries in Scandinavia, and in 2006 we became Worldwide. This was the kickstart for NKD Sports, and we kept expending our products range with more and more detailed and tested products.Now we’re known as NKX for all our watersports and skateboarding equipment, and NKD Scooters for all our scooters. Today you’ll find our products in almost every country in Europe.